What Client’s Are Saying About At Home Design…

I have had the pleasure of photographing a few exquisitely designed interiors in Greenwich and Weston Connecticut for Donna Sexton and Vicki Taylor-Bloch of At Home Design, LLC. As an architectural and residential real estate photographer, I experienced the passion that both Donna and Vicki put into their projects. I highly recommend Donna and Vicki for your home interior design needs.
– Jim

Donna and Vicki from At Home Design, did an amazing job for us. Our home is 100 years old, which of course has its challenges. They listened to our thoughts and exceeded our expectations. They have great vision, ideas and creativity. Their contractor workforce is professional, trustworthy, and well skilled. Donna, Vicki and their team are a pleasure to work with, we would be very happy to be a reference for anyone who has questions.
– Michelle Paeprer

Could not recommend At Home Design more strongly. Donna and Vicki are professional, detail oriented, creative, solution oriented, respectful, accommodating and in tune with every aspect of design and their trends.

We hired At Home Design to be responsible for conceptualizing, designing and furnishing numerous rooms in our new house and the results are outstanding across the board. Working with Donna and Vicki was not only always a pleasure but afforded us total peace of mind throughout the process. They listened to and incorporated our needs and wishes, as well as taking control of organizing the different types of professionals needed to complete a large design project.

We would run back to use At Home again in the future. Thank you!
– Longo1231

It began as a basic kitchen and master bathroom project. But once our architect showed us his vision for the home, it turned into a complete gut job and our home was down to the studs. We hired our GC and chose the kitchen cabinets. But we needed help in pulling all the finishes and colors together so that the home flowed from room to room. And that’s when we met Vicki and Donna from At Home Design.

At Home Design provided exactly what we needed in our home remodel and delivered a sophisticated finished product for our family. Vicki and Donna saved us so much time by listening to us describe the styles and colors we liked and then narrowing the focus to a few select choices. Originally we thought we just wanted help in choosing paint colors. We ended up ordering all of our lighting, tile, vanities, fixtures, sinks, etc through Vicki and Donna because they made it so easy and we didn’t have to be bothered with the details, measurements, inventory, broken pieces, etc. They handled it all and kept us updated throughout the project with timely reviews and excellent suggestions and ongoing problem solving with our contractor. We were very pleased and I’d highly recommend them.
– Kgut

Over the past couple of years, the owners of At Home Design, Donna Sexton and Vicki Taylor-Bloch, have recreated much of our old house in Westchester County in ways we ourselves could never have imagined. For example, our living room started life as two small parlors, one for the family and one for when the pastor—or other important guests—called. It had been made into one room before our time, but our efforts to make it look like one room were doomed to failure. Donna and Vicki essentially said to us, “Well, it looks like two rooms, so we might as well use that to advantage. Instead of making it look like an unsuccessful single room let’s treat it like the two it is.” They did just that, and now it looks like two parts of a single room, differing from each other but living happily together! Donna and Vicki are also gifted at finding objects we had consigned to cupboards or crowded shelves or dark corners and bringing them out into the light—sometimes with a coat of paint or a new frame, sometimes by just placing them somewhere that their neglected beauty comes into its own.

Vicki and Donna also have one of life’s rarest qualities: they actually listen to what you say! They understand it, interpret it, and act upon it! They don’t have set ideas about design that they impose on the work they do; rather, they pay careful attention to the house and its owners. The designs they did for the areas in our house that needed their special talents took into account the things they had learned from listening to us talk about what we liked, didn’t like, or felt didn’t work, and to what we already owned (much of it inherited from previous generations) that, properly repaired and placed, could form focal points in our rooms, could draw attention to the good points and diminish the impact of the not-so-good.

We will be counting on Vicki and Donna to transform the rooms that have not yet benefited from their touch!
– PaddyF

Vicki Taylor Bloch and Donna Sexton of At Home Design are excellent interior designers who did a wonderful job in my 200-year old Connecticut home. Most recently they completed an upstairs bathroom, but previously designed my kitchen and dining room. They provided excellent advice on colors and cabinetry throughout the house and most notably came up with a red ceiling for my library. My elegant drapes and upholstery are thanks to them.

Vicki and Donna are innovative. Just last month they recommended having a light box built behind a treasured stained glass transom window that I have and identified just the place in the house to mount it. Years before they had the great idea of encasing antique Chinese purses in double-sided frames to show off the embroidery on both sides, and convinced me to frame a 7-foot antique embroidery from a Chinese marriage bed by pleating the fairly plain sides of it.

Vicki and Donna take the time to get to know their clients so that their elegant taste can be maximized to meet the needs and personalities in each home. These two professionals are very thorough and thoughtful in all they do. While they are very sophisticated, they are able to communicate with people from all walks of life. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any job, including commercial–from hotels to condos. They often shop in New York City for clients there as well as in various Connecticut locations.
– Cynthia Stevens

At home design really took the time to understand how we lived and used that insight to create two properties that truly fit our lifestyle . Vicki and Donna are professional and confident in their approach to delivering a seamless “start to finish” design consultation to installation.

We could not have been happier with our finished products and based on what our friends and family thought… their ideas were “spot on”. Do yourself a favor and interview them… and you will instantly get the feeling you are in good hands.
– Laguna Condo

By all means the very creative team of Vickie and Donna are head and shoulders above their peers for the level of creativity and professionalism they bestow on any level of design they are asked to partake in.
– Jim Blansfield of Blansfield Builders, Inc.

Very attentive to detail; very very client oriented; wonderful to work with; very aware of current trends; very in touch with client needs, preferences, styles. This design team is available for client questions/concerns, willing to go the extra mile, ready with fresh ideas!
– Byrne Woodworking, Inc.

From their pictures everyone knows that At Home Design is incredibly creative and can accomplish some of the most stunning interiors. What makes them a five star design company is their ability to get all trades to perform tasks to their vision.
– La Pietra Tile & Stone

At Home Design is the total “package.” Vicki and Donna are sensitive to the client’s wishes and budget, have great ideas and resources, and delivered our award winning remodeling project on budget and ahead of schedule. Additionally, At Home Design continues to be available to us for selected projects at both our Connecticut and Florida homes.
– Vivian and Gene

It was a pleasure working with Vicki and Donna. They took their time to understand what we were looking for and then made it happen. It was a large renovation project and they were there from start to finish. I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.
– Lorraine and Jim

Vicki and Donna have a rare combination as interior designers of artistic and aesthetics talents matched with human insight and client management skills. These factors enable them to understand the taste and practical aspects of clients’ needs to make their homes just what they want. I am very pleased with an enlarged and remodeled kitchen that carefully incorporates design and color to make its integration with my 200-year-old farmhouse seamless.
– Cynthia

We started working with Vicki and Donna based on a recommendation from a friend who used them. Our style and our friend’s style could not have been more different. All we can say is WOW. They stayed on top of EVERYTHING. There was not a detail missed from bringing in the architect to color selection. AND this was done from 3000 miles away. When we came to town they had everything we needed to do all lined up. Their resources in material and artisans were top notch. They listened to our wants, needs and desires and somehow filled them all. AND THEY CONTINUE to do that. If there is a pillow they see or a piece of art that would be incredible in our home they purchase it and DELIVER. We would do the process all over again with them are thrilled to be able to recommend them to YOU.
– Ellen and Larry

At Home Design gave me just the design direction that I needed for my home project! Vicki and Donna came to my home, with an architect, and not only provided a beautiful design for my bathroom, but advised me on my kitchen, living room and sun room as well. Even when focused on a single room, and all the attention to detail that it requires, this team truly understands the “gestalt” of the entire home. Their design expertise, color sense, and warm, easygoing manner, made the design process enjoyable. They worked with me and helped me to refine some of my own thinking, as they gently focused on what was most practical. It was their balanced approach that helped me realize my dream design while remaining focused on the practical details. They created a space that has become my haven. Whether it’s a large project or a small one, At Home Design provides expert and personal service…as if you are their ONLY client!
– Mary

Working with Vicki and Donna has been our pleasure. We went to them with the utmost respect for their design sense, and are happy to say WE WERE RIGHT- their direction set the tone for our home in Florida and our carriage home in Pennsylvania. The two projects could not have been more different, but both reflect exactly who we are. Both designs revolved around choosing the right color palette-and we would never have found those “right colors” without guidance. I am convinced that it is the color palette of our Florida property that has kept our unit rented 100% of the high season versus other properties that just do not have that “WOW” factor. I would tell you Vicki and Donna are the “cool fun friends” everyone wants, who love to shop, appreciate value, have LASTING taste and an eye toward the future. Our home is fresh, uncluttered and soothing, a perfect backdrop for our busy lives.
– Maryellen and Doug